Monday, February 17, 2014

Russian Patchwork Quilt

The Russian Patchwork Quilt

I don’t know about you, but I have been thrilled to see the patchwork designs displayed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  I poked around the web and found some excellent sources of information for all you quilters out there who want to make one using the Sochi Design.  Back in 2011, the sports wear company BOSCO unveiled its Russian Patchwork design to the world.  I found the youtube video of the presentation given at the event.  They describe the design methodology and inspirations for the motifs used to create the Look of the Sochi Games.  I’ve also included some web urls of other sites I found interesting.  Enjoy this as much as I did.  Cheers, Louise

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011 (in Russian)

Here is a ‘Table of Contents’ of sorts I created from watching the video.
Time      Page      Topic
0:00        1-3 2014 – BOSCO
0:08        4-17       The ‘Look’ of Previous Games
0:38        18-29     Inspirations for Design Motifs
1:55        30-31     Patchwork Quilts
2:07        32           Design Methodology Starts
2:12        33           Half-Square Triangle Patchwork
2:15        34           Grid Lines Drawn
2:21        35           Triangle Grid
2:25        36           Diamond Grid
2:33        37           Lines Highlighting Pattern on Grid
2:27        38           Various Pattern Grids
2:53        39-40     28 Design Motifs
3:21        41           Placing Designs on the Pattern Grid
3:38        42-43     Color Choices – Color Spectrum
3:56        44           Colorways
3:58        45           Orange/Yellow
4:01        46           Yellow/Green
4:03        47           Aqua Blue
4:05        48           Royal Blue
4:08        49           Pink/Purple
4:10        50           Patchwork Patterned Colorways
4:17        51           All 5 Patchwork Colorways
4:19        52           Many Patchwork Banners, Grids, Colors
4:54        53           Banners with Mountains in Background
4:58        54           What Patchwork Design would add to Venues,
                                Products, Uniforms, Buildings, Souvenirs
5:31        68           Olympic Patchwork on Sponsor Products
6:01        80           End of Presentation

Article (in Russian) with Photos at the unveiling of the Sochi Patchwork Design

Article (in English) on the Patchwork Design

BOSCO Web Site in English (click on Look of the Games)

Museum Display (Russian) – Shows Quilts made using the Olympic Patchwork Grid

Lots of Photos from the Unveiling Event (Russian but has an English button)


  1. wow - thank you very much for posting these links! beautiful - just beautiful

  2. I love your latest quilt block posted on CQJP 2014. Do you have another blog that you post more info about your blocks? I'd love to know more about your inspiration for the current block and your process.
    Happy Easter