Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Concerts in the Park - And a 1,2,3"

Concerts in The Park – “And a 1,2,3”

There are all kinds of musical genres at these events – jazz, blues, folk, steel drums, rock, contemporary, bluegrass, big band, you name it.  This set of three quilts represents some of my favorites.

 “And a 1”  The Fiddle
I grew up listing to folk and blue grass music. (1 of 3)

“And a 2”  The Guitar
I love early rock-n-roll from the 50’s to the 70’s. (2 of 3)

“And a 3” The Saxophone
Not only does my husband attempt to play the sax, but I love jazz, blues and big band music.  (3 of 3)

“Concerts in the Park – And a 1,2,3”
This is a series of the quilts representing the many concerts I have enjoyed over the last 25 years of living in the Binghamton area.  Every summer the parks throughout the region host all types of festivals, crafts fairs, art shows and music.  There are summer concert series in just about every small community in the Southern Tier of New York held in the parks or village greens.  When I was younger, my friends and I would ride our bikes to enjoy the music and other events.  As a (not so young mom) I brought my young sons to the parks and we would have a picnic dinner and play bocce ball while listening to the music.  I would meet my parents and family at the parks and we would have informal get-togethers during the summer months to share a meal and each other’s company. I have always stitched away at these events – making yo-yos, doing out-line embroidery or crazy quilting.  I keep stitching until the stars come out and can no longer see what I’m doing.  It gives me a chance to relax, no phones, TV or computers – just conversation and the sounds of music filling the air.

The title of the 3 pieces are "Concerts in the Park – And a 1,2,3"  One being the violin, Two the red guitar and Three the sax.  They have crazy patch backgrounds featuring hand embroidery and beading.   Many of the beads used on this project were from my mom's collection that we rescued from her craft room after they were flooded in 2011.  Luckily they were on shelves above the water mark.  I hope you enjoy them.

Quilt Info: 8” square, crazy patch backgrounds, hand embroidery, beading, hand quilted


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  1. I love these blocks. Thanks for posting here. I always like to hear the story behind CQ blocks...there is ALWAYS a story. Love your work.